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Junk Removal Bronx is your local waste services. We’re a small outfit capable of handling big cleanups. We take great pride in meeting, and exceeding, our customer’s expectations. We thrive on word-of-mouth advertising thanks to the positive recommendations we consistently receive from our satisfied clients.

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We Provide Full Service: Spoil Yourself be JUNK FREE and Reclaim Your Space!
Our customers’ trash pick up needs vary from one to the next. If you are looking for local waste services and want to regain some space or maybe remove an old eyesore, we can handle all of your needs large or small!

Items are carefully removed from your home, business or property, and sorted for responsible garbage disposal or garbage removal. We take care of it to ensure reusable materials are donated, or recycled whenever possible, keeping unnecessary material out of the landfill.
<br>You just tell us where to go and what to remove and our trash company is there for it. Our got junk pricing sheet include lifting, loading, cleanup and dump fees. There are no hidden fees and any charges will be fully explained prior to doing any work.
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Different Services We Offer:

Residential Junk Removal

If you are dealing with a major mess at home in the Bronx area and need help with the heavy lifting we can help. Yard wastes, furniture removals, clean-outs, remodeling and more.

Furniture Disposal

Furniture disposal is something that many homeowners try to do themselves – only to call for professional help when they get stuck. Don’t find yourself trying to wrestle a large couch down the stairs when the experienced team at Junk Removal near me can handle the task for you.

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Hoarding junk removal

Hoarding in general is a serious issue but cleaning the mess is a serious issue in of itself that should be dealt with care and professionalism. Junk Removal near me specializes in hoarding cleaning services. All our staff knows how to deal with a hoarding junk and we ensure everything goes on smoothly. We are available 24/7, our prices are affordable and we have no hidden charges.

House clearance

If you are moving, there is one thing that you always forget – cleaning up the mess. Most often, it is the most time consuming and arduous task, dumping the junk. We offer an amazing opportunity to hire a team of professionals to make the task easier.

Junk Hauling, Lead and asbestos removal

Your safety is the most important thing for us, that’s why you need an experienced lead and asbestos removal team to remove dangerous materials like asbestos and lead. We have these types of professionals ready and on call.

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Electronics recycling

We proudly work hard to recycle any and all eligible electronic waste items you may need to get rid of. Electronic waste can present a number of health hazards to the general population if not handled properly. All we ask is that you make sure and be very thorough when describing to us what you need hauled away so we can plan accordingly, then we will take care of the rest!

Construction Clean Up

We can provide a full-service construction waste removal service. We can separate the materials for disposal and be able to take multi material loads. Thus, saving you money and time.

Hot Tub Removal

Hot tub removal needs expertise to insure your property does not get damaged. Junk removal Bronx will clean up the area where the hot tub was located whether we cut the tub or haul it out. We will remove any debris that is left from the removal.

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Yard waste removal

We have a wide range of yard waste removal services it includes: Grass Clippings waste, leaves, garden wastes, spent flowers and plants waste, weeds, small tree and shrub trimming, wood chips, sawdust and more.

Did you know?

Do you know local codes and laws for disposing of all of the junk cleaned out of your home or commercial space? If you don’t, and you leave your fridge or broken TV at the wrong place, you might get fined. Our team experts are trained in waste disposal. Whether they help you load the truck, they’ll know the proper final resting place for each item. In some cases, that can mean a donation center or a recycling facility–your trash might be another person’s treasure! But that’s not the only benefit of working with us. You’ll also save all of the time it would take you to drive items to the landfill or the recycling center yourself. Instead, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief when the truck or dumpster pulls away, knowing that your work is done.

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Commercial Services: The waste removal professionals at Junk Removal Bronx offer prompt and reliable commercial clean out and junk hauling services.

Office junk cleanouts

If you are in need of assistance for office cleanouts, we can do all the heavy lifting and dirty work for you. We’ll load and haul all your belongings and we’ll dispose of all your junk.

Storage spaces junk removal

The answer to your storage spaces junk removal is simple, just hire us and we can help you manage everything. We can assist you with everything you need for your storage spaces junk, from beginning to end.

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Property management

No matter the size, scope or breadth of your renovation or demolition project in Bronx, there will be waste and trash to deal with. We’ve been helping communities and businesses for a long time. Call us today to find out more about our dumpster rental services.

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Retail junk removal trash company

Are you trying to clean out your store within a specific time frame? Our Retail cleanout professionals get the job done fast and efficiently and meet all safety standards.

Foreclosures and evictions

There is a lot of junk and debris left behind when occupants of a foreclosure or eviction property move out. Junk removal Bronx has trained professionals who have years of experience and weve been performing foreclosure cleanouts for many years.

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There’s nothing quite like a clean workspace to make the heart sing.

15+ years experience in home, office and business garbage pickup nyc.

We understand it’s hard to find good trash services, and that’s why we make it a priority to offer quality service at a fair price. We do it all from furniture disposal to construction clean up. We will even clean out entire homes, business, foreclosure situations and more. We look forward to working on your project.

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We receive a lot of questions everyday about how collect my junk work and what happen when we remove their junk. We decided it was time to start sharing our answers with the world so that everybody could relax and look forward to a convenient junk removing experience.


How much does junk removal cost?

Prices can vary depending on the type of junk and other variables. We suggest reaching out to us for the best answer to that question.


How much does garbage pickup usually cost?

It depends on the amount and method of junk removal you’re looking for. Junk prices vary from state to state, city to city. in general, is governed by a few main factors: Volume, weight, surcharges, and labor. Get a free quote to get the cost of the service you are looking for.


Does junk removal service near me take all kind of trash?

Junk removal services are typically one-time services used for hauling away household objects and materials: furniture, toys, TVs, small appliances, exercise equipment, bikes, lawnmowers, etc. However, some do also take yard debris and construction debris.


Does junk removal prices differ from trash services?

In that trash removal is a scheduled service, usually weekly, for garbage removal. It also differs from waste removal in that hazardous materials aren’t accepted: medical waste, animal waste, sewage, etc.

How much is 1800 got junk, got junk pricing, how much does 800 got junk cost, 1800gotjunk prices?

We frequently are asked how much is 1800 got junk. We are not too sure why we are asked this question but in the next section we will definitely talk about the difference between us and 1800 junk removal.

What’s the difference between us and 1800 got junk?

Other than 1800 got junk pricing, We provide local service at BRONX with affordable rates. 1-800-got-junk covers many states so you have to wait for a long time and they charge more for providing the same service in different cities. With us you don’t need to wait, after scheduling the appointment. Our team will reach you immediately. 


Does 1800 got junk charge higher for the services?

The got junk cost can vary depending on the service and it can be quite high at got junk prices go for approximately $700 for filling a whole truck. It varies from city to city but we provide the local services at BRONX so we have a flat rate.

How can 1800gotjunk pricing be so high?

Our simplest answer to that question is go ask them! 1800 got junk prices can vary.


Whats the difference between junk removal bronx and college hunks hauling junk.

College hunks hauling junk is a pretty reputable company. What we don’t know for sure is the fact that they might not be stationed out of Bronx. But we are.


Do I have to call to make an appointment?

Another thing that people don’t factor when comparing the 1800 got junk cost to ours is that a phone call is welcomed, but not necessary. An SMS or email mentioning the date, address and time slot is required for scheduling.


How can I get some items back if I accidently send it with your team?

If this happens, we request you to contact us immediately and we will be able to track it down within 4 to 7 days and have it returned.


Do I have to be present at home when your team arrives for the pick-up?

It is preferred that you are at home, but if it is not possible, make sure to notify security and fill the required forms which allows us to remove the items. If you leave the door open and there is no one present, mark the items which are to be taken. This way we won’t take anything that we aren’t supposed to.